The Training Zone Is Open!

Great information to support your fitness lifestyle by providing training tips and programs is super important, especially during the big C of covid and company so in addition to nutrition information we’re also going to bring you fitness and training tips to help you get fit during the global pandemic and stay fit long after. To this end we’ve begun creating training helps in the form of some quick, easy and free programs to help you get great results and or complement your current training program.

Training Zone

As a certified personal trainer I want to set the expectation and tone of what we’re creating by stating  that as much time and thought as has been put into these programs, none of them has been created specifically for you as an individual and will therefore be susceptible to interpretation in meeting every individuals specific need. None the less to assist in your fitness journey we can’t just sit idly by and not do our little part to help out!

Browse through the Training Zone often for updates including new programs and information to be added regularly.

All of these programs have been created by certified trainers and attempt to offer a balanced fitness experience for the user wishing the style and context of which they are created.

Moving forward together, feel free to use, share, comment and by all means enjoy!

Neil Damackine, CPT