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The Total System for

Gut Health

Mental Clarity 

Immune system

Burn fat – Energy 

Stress & Anxiety 



Formulated to take the guesswork, trouble and expense out of the equation to give you a perfect winning combination for 19 Probiotic species. 

CLEAN Nutrition

For Gut – Brain – Immune system – Digestion – Energy – Stress & Anxiety Relief 

CLEAN NUTRITION is the Wellness Nutrition Company, our passion is creating superb quality products like CLEAN PROBIOTIC.
Designed & inspired by nature, proven by science – Taking CLEAN PROBIOTIC supplement balances your Microbiome & may improve many aspects of your Health, including…… IMMUNITY, INFLAMMATION, MOOD, HEART HEALTH, DIGESTION, SKIN HEALTH, REDUCE BODY WEIGHT & Much More … PROBIOTICS are the Healthy bacteria that live inside your gut – CLEAN PROBIOTIC & CLEAN NUTRITION (Made in Canada 🇨🇦)— Quality GMP Certified and sold by Authorized dealers only.

CLEAN Nutrition

Available at

Clean Nutrition About

Clean Nutrition(tm) is a private label brand committed to formulating products with the highest quality ingredients for the ultimate possible performance in sports supplements. All products are manufactured in North America by GMP certified laboratories under the strictest oversight and quality control. 

Retail and Distribution

Clean Nutrition is proud to be part of the iSmart Nutrition Inc family of quality supplements.

Are you looking to become an authorized Clean Nutrition outlet? 

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